Connie Miller

Connie Miller

Business Travel Specialist

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22 years


Business Travel Management, Group Travel, Travel Presentations

Connie Miller is the Business Development Manager for Your Travel Center. Locally, Connie works with companies as a corporate travel manager assisting them in reducing overall travel expense without sacrificing service and assistance. Additionally, Connie works to develop independent contractors and partner agencies with Your Travel Center.

You lose site of things, and when you travel, everything balances out. - Daranna Gidel

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Countries Traveled

Australia, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Cuba, Peru, China, Great Britain, Greece, France, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Mexico, Canada, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Dominica, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, St. Bart’s, Scotland, Slovakia, St. Lucia, Botswana, South Africa.

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